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The bombers participating were strongly attacked by German fighters when beyond the range of their fighter escort. According to these,residential buildings were totally destroyed by air attack andwere heavily damaged, making a total of 20 percent of all dwelling units in Germany.

The destruction of hospital equipment, pharmaceutical production, and medical supplies, incident to area raids, forced a dispersal of medical supply installations and the removal of hospitals from city to suburban and country sites.

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The programs of dispersal and underground construction that were undertaken were incomplete when the war ended. Much time in this period was devoted to training and testing the force under combat conditions. A preliminary attack was launched on May 12,followed by another on May 28; the main blow was not struck, however, until after D-day.

The remainder sheltered in basements, and casualties in these places of refuge were heavy. Of this loss abouttons was the result of loss of territory.

Daimler Benz was similarly eliminated by attacks in September and October. New construction and appropriation of equipment of occupied counties remedied the locomotive and car shortage.

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It had been reduced by the end of the year to about 20, tons. Freight car loadings, which were approximatelycars for the Reich as a whole in the week ending August 19 fell Rencontre luxembourgcars in the last week of October.

It was fortunate that the leaders of the German Air Force relied too heavily on their initial advantage. The deployment of the air forces opposing Germany was heavily influenced by the fact that victory was planned to come through invasion and land occupation.

Allied air power was decisive in the war in Western Europe. The German War Economy Study of German war production data as well as interrogation of those who were in charge of rearmament at the time, leaves no doubt that until the defeat at Moscow German industry was incompletely mobilized and that in fact Germany did not foresee the need for full economic mobilization.

The Attack on the Railways and Waterways The attack on transportation was the decisive blow that completely disorganized the German economy.

Part of the explanation was the excess capacity of the airframe industry which, as noted, was considerable. The industry was found to have had substantial excess capacity.

Geilenberg used as many asmen for the repair, rebuilding, and dispersal of the bombed plants and for new underground construction.

The new role of three-dimensional warfare was even then foreseen by a few farsighted men, but planes were insufficient in quality and quantity to permit much more than occasional brilliant assistance to the ground forces.

Such passive defenses may be worth while and important, but it may be doubted if there is any escape from air domination by an enemy. The Survey has examined each of these industries.

Leuna was hit on May 12 and put out of production. This process did not stop on VE-day; great strides have been made since in machines, weapons, and techniques.

Not in the sense of the tortured soul or evil spirit, but the exact opposite. There was some recovery in early November, but thereafter they declined erratically tocars in the week ending December 23 and tocars during the week ending March 3.

She builds upon a thorough reflection leading to an impacting form, and wins the ballot. Monthly output of synthetic nitrogen in earlybefore the synthetic plants were attacked, was about 75, tons.

The principal German cities have been largely reduced to hollow walls and piles of rubble. Those who contemplate evil and aggression find encouragement in such neglect. Nevertheless the attack on the aircraft plants, like the attack on the ball-bearing plants, showed that to knock out a single industry with the weapons available in and early was a formidable enterprise demanding continuous attacks to effect complete results.

Staged fiction merges with reality as he questions the traditional idea of the documentary photographer as a discrete observer who captures and translates reality without interfering. The Reichsbahn had taken no important steps to prepare itself for air attack. The Civilians A word should perhaps be added on the effect of the air war on the German civilian and on the civilian economy.

One such shelter in Hamburg, named the "Holy Ghost" for its location on Holy Ghost Plaza, sheltered as many as 60, people.

No greater or more dangerous mistake could be made than to assume that the same policies and practices that won the war in Europe will be sufficient to win the next one -- if there should be another.

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But unlike the ball-bearing plants, as soon as they Page 9 were brought back they were attacked again. There is something of a ghost light about this artist.

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