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Sugar molecules are used for cell respiration. Organs are aggregations of tissues performing specific functions. In each case they provide dissolved materials that need to be moved quickly around the body in the blood by the circulatory system e. You should be able to carry out rate calculations for chemical reactions.

Particle Model of Matter: In terms of exchanging substances at various interfaces you should know all about gas exchange in the lungs, the function of villi in the small intestine, leaf structure and gas exchange and gills of fish enable an efficient gas exchange. This reduces the flow of blood through the coronary arteries, resulting in a lack of oxygen for the heart muscle.

You should be able to relate the action of enzymes to metabolism. Knowledge and understanding of stem cell techniques are not required. Be able to explain how electron microscopy has increased understanding of subcellular structures.

Organisms must exchange substances with their environment i. The alkaline conditions and large surface area increase the rate of fat breakdown by lipase. In mitosis one set of chromosomes is pulled to each end of the cell and the nucleus divides.

You also need to understand the principles of sampling as applied to scientific data, including epidemiological data. The effect of alcohol on the liver and brain function. The use of stem cells has potential risks such as transfer of viral infection, and some people have ethical or religious objections against research and application of stem cells.

You can tailor the videos to topics that your pupils need help with. Knowledge of the names of the heart valves is not required. You should be able to explain and describe how diffusion, osmosis and active transport are used to transport materials in and out of cells and the differences between these three processes.

One reason to do this is to trigger more information or ask questions about the picture you have used. That's a lot, so the ISA is something you should work hard at - it will help your final grade. You should understand the use of isotonic drinks and high energy drinks in sport.

Be able to evaluate the practical risks and benefits, as well as social and ethical issues, of the use of stem cells in medical research and treatments. In body cells the chromosomes are normally found in pairs.

Cell division by mitosis is important in the growth and development of multicellular organisms. As a cell differentiates it acquires different sub-cellular structures to enable it to carry out a certain function.

Diffusion is the spreading of the particles of any substance in solution, or particles of a gas, resulting in a net movement from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration. You need to be able to use simple compound measures such as rate and carry out rate calculations e.

Biology, chemistry, physics - which do you need the most help with? Whichever it is, our teacher-written quizzes for GCSE Science are at your disposal. Easily understandable quiz titles let you home in on the exact subject areas you want to revise so that you have fuss-free exam preparation.

Introduction Why choose AQA for GCSE Computer Science. We’ve worked closely with teachers to develop a new GCSE Computer Science specification that’s as inspiring to teach as it is to learn. We’re developing new science GCSEs for teaching from September Get information and support to help you understand and prepare for the changes.

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Online so ease of use - no need to huge print outs. Help prepare for GCSE Science exams. No endless costly printing required.

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Login account to access exams. 10/01/ GCSE (9–1) Science practice papers. Our GCSE () Science practice papers were released at the beginning of January. All 44 papers and mark schemes (for our Gateway and 21st Century suites) are available to download from Interchange to allow teachers to use these resources as part of their exam preparation.

The A Level Papers available for download are displayed below in order by subject. Clicking on the subject will take you to the subject’s page where you will be able to download the A Level Past Papers available online.

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